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Gruppo di Animazione Spontanea con Portatori di Handicap

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G.A.S.P.H. (Gruppo di Animazione Spontaneo con Portatori di Handicap) is a non profit organisation that has been established in year 1979 in Falconara (AN), a central italian town in the Marche region.

Our aim is to assist disabled people suffering from both physical and mental disease.
Our range of activities is including:
  • birthday parties celebrations
  • cinema movies
  • social dinners
  • sports activities
  • live concerts and theatres
We are organizing weekly activities during all the year and every summer, in the month of august, we are organizing a summer camp.
During the summer camp, which lasts a week, disabled and volunteers are living together 24 hours sharing a unique experience. Every year we are choosing a different location in Italy for the camp.
We are accepting all kind of disabilities and our main target is to help the handicapped to get more involved in social life.
Disability is often seen negatively by the society and we are trying to change the mentality of the people because we strongly believe that disability is a part of the world and not a world apart.
We cooperated also with other non profit organisations from Italy and from overseas as well.
All our services are 100% free as all of us are volunteers and, in order to help our disabled friends, we are depending financially from donations done by single citizens and by private companies.
An important part of our work is also to write articles in newspapers to let people know more about disability and how to remove social and architectural barriers. This is done also by contacting our local government telling them about the problems that disabled are facing during their every day life.
Another part of our work is to involve young people in our activities to promote volunteering and its values in the new generations.
Thanks for following and supporting us !
Yours sincerely.
Claudio Luchetti
(Chairman 2014 – 2017)
Abdullah Al Atrash
(Treasurer 2014 – 2017)


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GASPH Gruppo di Animazione Spontanea con Portatori di Handicap
C.F. 93090090429

c/o Parrocchia Via Friuli
60015 Falconara M.ma (AN)

Tel 3358187484 - 320.2818104

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